Best Android Games in 2018

Top 5 Best Android Games to Play in 2018

Since the android cell phones are in market there are many diffrent kinds of innovatory applications to be download
free for users making life easy more and more, but there are games to have fun and spending good time for android users
as well.
Today i will tell you which games are 5 top best android games played and downloaded online.

1. Clash of Clans

A very interested and addictive game is top of all by playing and downloading online,
its an stratigicsl and tactical game of anciant war tactics and how to use forces and build or save Forts,
make or save army and how to make your kingdom big and bigger,
Realy very interesting and addictive game that player who have normal skills will raise its skills
by playing this game.
i suggest if you not play this game yet then download it and enjoy your preciuos time and build your
own empire and raise your tactical skills.

2. Subway Surfer

Another interesting and addictive game which any one can love to play,
its running game with hurdals and fear to be get caught between the railways lines,
its graphics are cool have great experiance with sensation while playing,
i am sure you have this game at your gadget once or till now,
the interesting thing of this game is favourite for all age groups using android,
and if you not yet downloaded it surely you missed a great game,
another similer game is Temple Run, but Subway Surfer is cool then it.

3. 8 Ball Pool

As its name its about snooker Game you can play it online or offline have both options available,
a very sensational game which looks you are playing it like real game but with extra features and
helping options, if you are snooker lover then you must try this once, it enhances your skills of
playing snooker in real life also.
most people spend more time at it and the interesting part of this game is playing online and and
have challenges online players and your friends at Facebook.

4. Candy Crush Saga

One of the best game ever in arcade games even a 7 year old can play it easily and also interseting
for old age persons, a very good time killer and addictive game once you play and its stages forces
you to play more and more. it also have options for online challenges to friends and online players,
if you use Facebook then you must get Candy Crush Saga invites once from any of your friend,
its most popular game of all ages,

5. Teen Pati Gold

in Pakistan and India this game is getting attractions nowadays at social media as well.
its a card game very tactical and stratigical, if once you involve in it you must be addictive of
this game, because it has many many attractions in it to wining or losing cash online,
also an online games with engagment of many players at a time, also watched online trade of its coins
if you play this game and you are a muslim player u feel yourself an JUWARI, because the term JUWA used
here in Indo Pak for Card Games, but dont worry you do not lose any thing except you earn by playing here,
have fun playing this,
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